On the cusp. Or – yummy, yummy tarts.

by Kevin

I didn’t want to write anything here until things were a bit further along, and now they are.

Firstly, an advance apology. I’ve purposely been vague and selective about what I tell and show people about the solo show I’ve been putting together. I wanted to make sure that everything gelled completely before starting to promote, because there were nagging doubts throughout the entire process about whether I could even finish everything I wanted to. Hence the little snippets of information, the macros of tsuba details – everything but the “big” picture. My intention has always been to do a “proper” announcement of the show, with full support in the way of a writeup on my blog, a “proper” website with good studio photography of the pieces, the venue…all of that.

It’s been a challenge to focus on the work primarily and do all the “back-end” work in parallel, along with a day job – something eventually had to give, and the framework for promotion unfortunately has suffered as a consequence. And since I just finished the last of the tsuba for the collection on Friday, it will have to be put off just a bit longer.

I had an “out of the blue” conversation yesterday with an art director for film and TV.  Word made it through the grapevine (quickly, I might add) that I had just finished a collection of tsuba, and they apparently were interested in renting them for couple of days for set dressing on an episode of a new show they’re doing. The arrangement we’ve made is highly beneficial to both sides, so the pieces are now on a film set being mounted and framed. The physical manifestation of the last 5 months of my life is now in the hands of strangers (professionals, of course), I have no idea how they’ll look in the scene, and the show won’t air until 2015 – and a lot more unknowns than I’m typically comfortable with.

Unfortunately, this means my photography schedule has been torpedoed and I won’t be able to get studio photography done until after the show comes down. However, I’ll be in New Hampshire next week, and plan to create opportunities to do some “candid” shots in a lovely autumn environment. But most importantly, this is a RIDICULOUSLY cool opportunity that I KNOW I would regret if I let fear and mistrust have their way. Who knows if it will result in sales – this is all about the coolness factor, and dealing with a “dusty corner” relating to my comfort zone.

“Take tarts when tarts are passing”, they say. But this sometimes means getting rid of something else before indulging in the tart-taking. Perhaps it’s clearing your schedule, clearing your mind, clearing your conscience. It’s easy to say “no” when you’ve already committed to a particular path – but what if “yes” means a forced redefinition of that path into something that is better? We’ll never be able to compare the two states except in our imaginations, except that we run the risk of adding regret into the mix by not even trying.

My next posting will be the “press release” post for the show, talking about the motivations and process. Please be patient for just a BIT longer…